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Maintaining and promoting a safe envirnemnt for everyone, no matter their skin color, sexuality, gender, sex, or nationality. 



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 From our humble beginnings in 1999 with just a half-dozen picnic tables at Fairhaven Park to what we see today Bellingham Pride has grown to become the second largest pride event in Washington State. Through local support and activism, we’ve been able to organize festivals, parades, youth events, and various other outreach activities which now host over 10,000 participants annually.

Our goal at Bellingham Pride is to cultivate and preserve a safe and healthy community for LGBTQ+ folks and their families to live, work, grow, and thrive. We want to celebrate the diversity of human life, promote equal rights, increase the visibility of the LGBTQ+ community, and have fun doing it.

Striving to create a community that queer folks can call their own.

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Working with community partners to educate people on and increase the visibility of queer issues.

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